Pro-business is pro-public health.

Pro-agriculture is pro-environment.

Pro-education is pro-students first.


If Iowans don’t have access to needed health services, nothing else matters. Adequate healthcare leads to quality of life. The privatization of Medicaid has cost the state of Iowa billions of dollars – the vast majority of which has gone to private, out-of-state insurance companies. The Iowa Hospital Association has issued repeated warnings regarding the damage that has been done to rural hospitals. As a public health nurse for more than two decades, Deb has witnessed how quality of life for residents in our rural communities is linked to access to quality rural hospitals. Too many hospitals are on the brink of closure and persons in need are going without healthcare or services insufficient for quality of life. Deb understands how to support rural healthcare.  



Healthy children learn better, and healthy families make for healthy communities. Iowa’s standing as a leader in education has been undermined by severe funding cuts. School boards need to know their funding at least 14 months prior to the certification of the school district’s budget. Year after year, the state has failed to budget timely or sufficiently. Iowa is failing its students from Headstart through higher education. Quality public school education improves quality of life for every member of a community. Deb will prioritize schools, fighting to fund the districts in House District 7 at levels that reflect our commitment to the children and youth who make our communities home.



In healthy communities, the livelihoods of all Iowans are supported. All the elements needed for living – such as jobs, economic development, infrastructure, agriculture, and the environment – must be improved systematically and comprehensively if Iowa is to recover from our current situation. The plan needs to extend from businesses in our downtowns and development parks to those earning a living through all forms of agricultural enterprise. And, where agriculture is concerned, a healthy environment means agricultural prosperity can be sustained for future generations.

The Opponent

Deb is running against Henry Stone of Forest City, a Republican relatively new to the state of Iowa who was hand-picked by the Iowa GOP to continue the ultra-conserative ideologies of Rep. Tedd Gassman.  

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